Hey there – I’m glad you stopped by to check out some resources that might help provide information as you work to support children and families!  It’s so important to look for information that not only is accurate, but is also based on research to back it up.  It’s easy to find information that is trendy or that even seems like it makes sense, but we have to do a little more work to make sure it actually lines up with current best practices.  I’ll keep adding more resources here, so don’t forget about me!  Take a minute to sign up to automatically get new blog posts from PD Perspectives to see how you can move research into practice, and Contact Me so we can discuss how we can work together!


EI Excellence is an awesome resource that focuses specifically on supporting early intervention professionals in their day-to-day work with children and families.  They have an awesome Resources page, too, along with some cool Intervention Tools and their Coach2Go Blog.  Run by the Mecklenburg County CDSA, they’ll keep you up-to-date on the trainings and information they use as they strive to do the absolute best work possible and help you do the same.  Go check them out!


The Family, Infant, and Preschool Program (FIPP) provides a wide range of supports and services for children, families, and professionals – wow!  When you look at the evidence that supports our work with children and families, you’ll often see research conducted by Drs. M’Lisa Sheldon and Dathan Rush.  Make sure you browse their Publications – you’ll not only find great information, but also some tools you can use to guide your own professional development path.


VSA (Very Special Arts) is an organization through The Kennedy Center that provides programming and resources to increase access to the arts and educational opportunities to individuals with disabilities – very cool!  They even provide a whole host of free Webinars that cover topics from teaching strategies to awareness of our responsibilities as professionals in this field.  Browse their archive, and don’t forget to sign up for emails so you’ll be in the know!


The Autism Certification Center’s ASD Strategies in Action program has a huge variety of online training resources that provide information and support to professionals working with individuals on the autism spectrum.  The trainings are geared toward anyone in the community, which makes them very functional and easy to understand.  They offer a free 90-minute course, Many Faces of Autism, that even includes presenters with autism so you can hear their perspective directly.  That course alone is worth a trip to see what they’re about!